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Two Exciting Developments for 2024!

It was an awesome opportunity to work with Jegs and introduce them to off road racing at King of the Hammers back in January.

The Bronco and 4400 car both looked fantastic in the yellow and my team had a lot of success in adorning many KOH fans in Jegs hats and stickers.

We were able to race in the Desert Challenge, Every Man Challenge and the Race of Kings. Now we are so stoked to be able to say, we are Team Jegs for the rest of 2024 and King of the Hammers 2025!!

Cue: JEEEEEEEEGS Our second exciting development is the opportunity to race a 4800 Legends TrentFab, first at NorCal Stampede, then Vegas to Reno, and Crandon.

This means Bailey Cole Racing will become a two-car team for Vegas to Reno!

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